Research topics

  Athletes who can do high performance (including those who are dancing), musicians who play beautiful music performances, children and students who are good at exercise and sports handled in physical education classes, and elderly people who can improve motor function, why are these people so good at it? Why are they improving the function? is the key word in our research.

The specific themes are summarized in the following four areas.

・Skillful performance of experts in competitive sports
・Effective procedures of practicing skills in exercises and sports that are incorporated in physical education
・Proficiency of motor skills in infancy/childhood development and how to acquire them effectively
・Reconditioning or improvement of motor function in community of health and exercise classes

 In order to examine these topics, we are examining it from the following perspectives.
・Perception and motor control
 ・Visual information processing
 ・Decision making
 ・Nonlinear dynamical systems theory
・Motor learning

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