Graduation research

In our laboratory, we make it a rule to submits research papers to our laboratory as graduation research at the end of 4th grades.
At the presentation held in January every year, 4th, 3rd-, and new 3rd-grade students who belong our laboratory vote to select the best research.
If you are interested in any of the themes below, you can read research papers and abstracts in our laboratory during my office hours (no lending/ only in Japanese).
If you would like to view the PDFs linked from the list below, please contact (please change underbar to at-sign).

2024 Mar.

 Motor skill
  •Skilled differences in choice reaction time in decision-making among college female soccer players (Excellent)
  •Synergistic effects of communication during light climbing (Best Award)
 Psychological competitiveness/Choke
  •Comparison of psychological aspects of different performance levels in order to become a high achiever in the pommel horse event
  •Psychological effects of introducing PK practice in soccer
  •Differences in positive thinking in matches between skilled and unskilled tennis players
  •Whether handball players are more likely to get injured when they are nervous: Relationship between injuries and emotions in different positions among handball players

2023 Mar.

 Motor skill
  •Factors cause differences in pitching duration affected by focus attention on pitcher’s quick motion
 Personality traits/Self-esteem
  •Effects of sports enthusiasm on competitive motivation and personal life
  •Personality traits of college soccer players and effective conversation at success/failure condition during play
  •Relationship between the effects of praise and scolding on self-esteem and athletic performance (Best award)
 Psychological competitiveness/Choke
  •Evaluation of the degree of performance of varsity American football players and its factors in the game
  •Differences in consciousness of attribution and adaptation in individual and team sports (Excellence award)
  •Relationship between athletic performance and life skills for varsity female handball players

2022 Mar.

 Motor skill
  •Ability of decision making and visual information processing based on levels of proficiency in Soccer
 Prsonality traits
  •Relationship between personality traits and position for basketball players
 Psychological competitiveness/Choke
  •Changes in mental and physical states during a match against an opponent with a difference in ability in a soft tennis match
  •Changes in confidence in victory in Collegiate Baseball and reversals at the end of this matches
  •Influence of poor perception on results in game matches (Best award)
  •Differences of impressions of music listened to before and after sports matches by gender
 Physical education class
  •Psychological effects on physical education classes for junior high school students
  •Differences in body image according to eating behavior patterns among varsity female soccer players (Excellence award)
  •Inter/Intra-comparison of “coach-player” communication for soccer coaching in in elementary school
  •Psychological effects of introductory videos for running shoes on purchase intention

2021 Mar.

 Motor skill
  •Differences in hip flexion angles according to skill level during forehand strokes in tennis
  •Differences in ability of dicision making due to differences in soccer skills
  •Difference of performance from the sustainability of concentration and the optimal recovery method (Best award)
  •Development of sports vision applications
 Personality traits
  •Differences of personality traits by position in baseball
  •Differences in stress resposes due to living environment and retirement from competition for versity students
  •Psychological effects from sports Anime for athletes (Excellence award)
 Psychological competitiveness/Choke
  •Differences of degree of chokes affected by audience
  •Relationships between number of throwing attempts in games and psychological abilities
  •Factors of continuation and discontinuation as a lifelong sport
  •Differences of sports performance by birth order

2020 Mar. Taught by Hirakawa(4th) /Jippo(3rd grade)

 Motor Skill
  •Effectiveness of sacrifice bunts and hitting from the psychological aspect of no-out, and one-out and first base runner(Excellent award)
  •Does color information obtained from vision improve motor ability?
  •Proficiency processes by self-observation and demonstration in visual feedback (Best award)
  •Attentional focus for pitching motion on performance
 Psychological competitiveness/Choke
  •Effect of pre-performance routines to reduce anxiety during competition
  •Effects of psychological pressure on maximal power
  •Effects of support on performance by cheering from females to male
  •Relationship between audience and performance in games
  •Effect of energy drink due to improvement performance for soft tennis players